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    Stop.png If you are in immediate danger, please call 911.


  • Family Crisis Center, Inc.

    1924 Broadway Avenue

    Great Bend, KS 67530-4010

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DSVC Services

Sexual Violence Core Services           Domestic Violence Core Services

    24-Hour Hotline                                    24-Hour Hotline

    Crisis Intervention                                 Crisis Intervention          

    Personal Advocacy                                 Personal Advocacy

    Medical Advocacy                                  Medical Advocacy

    Court Advocacy                                     Court Advocacy

    Law Enforcement Advocacy                    Law Enforcement Advocacy

    Emergency Accommodations                  Emergency Accommodations    

    Shelter                                                 Shelter

    Supportive Counseling and Services        Supportive Counseling and Services

    Support Groups                                     Support Groups

    Child/Youth Advocacy                             Parent and Child Advocacy

    Community Awareness and Education      Child/Youth Advocacy

                                                                Community Awareness and Education